Sharing of the saved fishing places

If you subscribed for the Premium membership you can share your saved fishing places and send them to your friends. Your friends can then open them in our app and save them to their places.

Fast-switching between the forecasts

If you subscribed for the Premium membership and have access to the detailed forecast, you can move faster between the various fish-forecasts by using the “fast” menu, which you open by tapping the icon in the upper-right corner.

Feedback sending from the app settings

If you have any observations, comments or suggestions for making our app better, don’t hesitate and let us know! You can send us feedback in the app settings.

Choosing the right place to fish on the river

When fishing on the river, it is best to mark the place of hunting directly on the map. Manual search of river will return preset coordinates, which can be hundreds of kilometers / miles away from the real hunting place (depending on the length of