Frequently asked questions

How to find a fishing place?

You can search for your hunting place manually or you can mark and name it directly on the map. Data for manual search are provided by Geonames, it is possible that it does not contain all the searched places, in which case try searching for

What is our „classic” forecast based on?

Our forecast calculates the activity of various kinds of fish based on their preferences such as the temperature, pressure, precipitation, cloudiness. These data, necessary for our calculations, are taken from the DarkSky service based on the locality that you select or mark on the map

What is our solunar calendar based on?

The Solunar calendar is based on the solunar theory created by John Alden Knight in 1926. This theory stays that the mutual positioning and influencing of the moon and the sun has an impact on the behaviour of fish and other animals. But the results

What does the Premium membership provide?

The app offers the Premium membership subscription, with which you get detailed hourly forecasts for the day and the day that follows together with the average day forecasts for the five following days. With the Premium membership you are able to save more than seven