Frequently asked questions

How does it work and how to cancel the Premium membership?

Premium membership is a subscription that is automatically renewed every six months, the first week is free. The exact description of how the Premium membership works can be found in the description of the application on the Google Play / App Store or on the

How do the payments proceed?

The payments are processed by the system iOS/Android itself, that’s why it is not possible to realize the transaction directly to our bank account. The payments must be realized by those means that are provided by the system, for instance via the added credit card.

How does the “Overview dashboard” work?

The Overview dashboard is the first screen that appears after the app launch, and, therefore, it provides the selection of the most important available data. It can be adjusted according to your personal preferences in the app settings.

How do the “Saved places” work?

The fishing places can be searched manually by taping the magnifying glass icon or marked directly on the map which appears after taping the map icon (next to the magnifying glass icon). Every newly searched or newly marked fishing place is saved in your used

Why does the app not support more species of fish?

The app is constantly increasing the number of supported kinds of fish. We started on five, but today more than fifteen different species are supported. All of the currently supported fish can be found in the app description or in the app settings in the